17 of the Weirdest Drive Thru Encounters You’ll Ever Hear


For some reason, people tend to forget that they are interacting with real live human beings when they order through the drive-thru. Your drive-thru employee can hear you and, in most cases, see you when you order and you get to meet face to face when they collect your money and hand over your goods! And it works both ways! Your customers are human, too! It’s a crazy concept, really.

Well, these AskReddit users told us their wildest stories from time spent working and/or visiting the drive-thru window. Think you’ve had a crazy experience? See how it matches up to these!

#1. You Know We Can See You, Right?

“I worked at McDonalds when I was 16. We had a guy that would drive through the drive thru completely naked.”

#2. Hot And Nasty

“My step dad once asked for a “Hot and Nasty” instead of a “Hot and Tasty.” It was pretty awkward. The manager was at the window when we pulled up to pay. LOL.”

#3. Extra Caramel Jizzle?

“I was working the drive thru at Starbucks and I got these trashy people (I could tell they were trashy because of how much extra Carmel Drizzle they wanted on their Vanilla Beans) and when the car pulls up the girl (in the passenger seat) is giving the guy (the driver) a hand job. His dick was just out in the open. They gave zero fucks. They were so casual about it like it was totally normal. To this day I don’t think I fully understand what happened that night. Thinking back, I wish I said, when repeating their order back, “Two venti Vanilla Beans with extra Caramel Jizzle?””

#4. Unintentional Hate Crime

“I used to work at Tim Hortons and when I had to work on the window I would barely ever look out it if it was crazy busy. I’m 6′-2”, for me to look out of the window I basically have to double over and look through it was so low. Anyways, one time I was really distracted and I took the persons money and didn’t look and handed the coffee out the window and let go when I felt a hand grab the cup. Immediately I heard “Oh shit!” so I look out the window and the guy has nubs for fingers and is waving his hand back and forth trying to get control of the cup enough to bring it in his car. I apologize profusely and he leaves after a couple minutes.”

#5. The Human Tables

“When I was working the drive thru at Popeyes, we would always tend to get this one couple who would come by. Sure, we had plenty of regulars, but every employee knew of the “Human Tables.” There was always the four of them, the dad, mom, sister, and brother, and they always rolled up to the window with AT LEAST 3 big bags of food from other fast food places. Not bags of trash, but bags of uneaten food. We would call them the “Human Tables” because they all had their seats all the way back and would use their stomachs as tables. The smell was pretty horrid as well. Didn’t seem like they were doing too good a job of disposing their trash from 3 meals a day of fast food.”

#6. Fuck Snakes

“One time I was handing a bag out of the window and the lady had a snake wrapped around her arm, reaching for the bag. Fuck you and your snake, lady. I don’t make enough money for that.”

#7. Apparently “Coning” Is A Thing…

“I worked at McDonald’s for two years, and the strangest thing that happened was when a bunch of teenage boys came through the drive thru in a minivan and ordered an ice cream cone. When they pulled up to my window (it was night so we were down to one window taking money and handing out food), a guy that was laying on the top of the minivan grabbed the cone by the ice cream and they drove off. They proceeded to come back through the drive thru and ask if one of them had left a wallet inside.”

#8. Bitch Wants Her Donut!

“I once worked at a Dunkin’ Donuts for a few months, until I realized I hated that shitty job. Once we had a lovely woman pull up at the drive through twenty minutes before open. Naturally my co-worker and I ignored her while we hurried to setup because without the headset on, we had no idea she was even there. And there was no way I was putting that thing on a minute earlier that I had to. Eventually, she pulled up to the window with a pissed, evil-looking face. We gestured, “sorry” and that we weren’t open yet. Apparently she took it personally and started banging on the glass. When we opened the window to explain that we couldn’t serve her yet, she began cursing and squeezed her fat ass out of the car, and hung thru the window spewing off insults. We just stared in awe. I think we told her the cops were coming or something and she left. She was a crazy bitch.”