17 Nutso Stories of Why Students Were Sent to the Nurse

Photo Credit: Pixabay/CC0


#9. Snort!

A boy in my 7th grade glass snorted a line of sugar he poured from a Pixy Stix.

He promptly got a severe nosebleed that would not stop, and he had to go to the nurse’s office until his mum could pick him up and take him home.

#10. The danger is real.

You know how your teachers would always yell at you when you tilted your chair back because they once had a kid bust their head open after falling?

Yea I’m that kid.

#11. Quarters

I got sent to the nurse once for getting quarters stuck up my nose.

Some kid bet me that I couldn’t fit three quarters up my nose.

He was wrong.

Never considered how I’d get them out.

#12. Payback

One day I decided that my bully had enough fun with me, so I dumped crazy glue into his hands and told him it would make his hair gleam.

Once he put his hands into his hair: insta-stick.

He spent 3-4 hours with the nurse cutting his hair…

He didn’t come back to school for 3 weeks.

#13. Pelts

I worked at a summer camp, and apparently they had to stop selling rabbit pelts in the gift shop, because boys would buy them, masturbate with them, and not clean them up, so the cum would get the fur all stiff and pointy…

Then they would use it again the next night, scratch up their dicks, and have to go to the nurse.

I don’t know WHY boys would use the pelts to masturbate with other than that the fur was really soft.

I was never a 12 year old boy with a penis.

#14. A Rumor…

I got sent to the counselor because SOMEHOW she heard I had sex with a semi-popular guy in school, and she wanted to know, “If it was a rumor or not.”

I was so embarrassed.

I left school for the rest of the day.

#15. Crawl Spaced

My mom is a school nurse. One day, after the school day ended, she was about to leave when someone came to get her about an emergency.

A student needed something from his locker. He decided he would crawl into the ceiling, over the door, over the locker room, drop down from the ceiling, get what he needed, and crawl back out through the ceiling.

The kid fell through the ceiling before he could make it inside the locker room.

#16. Hickeys

One time I had hickeys, and the nurse/POLICE thought I was getting abused.

Called my parents and everything.

Photo Credit: Pixabay/CC0

#17. Sodium Crotch

A guy in one of my HS chem classes tried sneaking some Sodium, if I remember right, out of the classroom.

He unfortunately decided he would hide it in a paper towel in his crotch.

He eventually sweated enough to activate it and ended up burning his crotch pretty badly.

School had to call an ambulance.


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