16 Hairstylists Share the Worst Cuts They Have Ever Given


Being a hairdresser is probably one of the hardest jobs out there. I mean, it’s a lot of pressure to take someones most precious asset in your hands and create a masterpiece. And sometimes you just…fail.

Check out these 16 AskReddit stylists who shared their biggest hair mistakes. Some turned out great, some…not so much.

1. Oompa loompa

A woman with dark hair came in, she colored it by box often. She came in desperately wanting to be blond. I gave her two choices: we repeatedly highlight it over time, or I strip her hair and lighten it over a couple of appointments. The salon was closing soon and I told her I’d only have time for the stripping process and that her hair would likely be orange when she went home. She said that was fine. I assured her tomorrow’s appointment we’d take care of it. Well she left the chair looking like an oompa loompa and I never saw her again.

2. Lucky tip

I once had a guard pop off while I was cleaning around the sides of my customer’s head and I ended up shaving a bald spot about 2″x4″ on the back of his head. Luckily the customer was only a child, and his mother was very understanding. I gave her whole family of 5 free haircuts and they let me play around and do some chemical straightening and dye jobs. After they tipped me $200 and wouldn’t let me refuse it, even after telling them all the work I did would have only cost them around 170.

3. Tears were shed

I turned a girls head bright sea foam green. She was a teenager. It was supposed to be platinum blonde. I was alone. Tears were shed.

4. Unsuspecting chop

When I was in hair school, though, a lady came in who wanted a trim. She had her hair flat ironed when she came in, so I gave it a shampoo and started the cut. I didn’t realize how curly her hair had gotten while it was slowly drying and I was doing the trim. I was just keeping track of the last layer of hair I cut, and it wound up being about 4 inches shorter than I started. After she realized how short it was, she was a little upset but told me to fix it in some cute short cut. Turned out she loved it and kept it that way.

5. Chop chop

I’m a hairstylist. When I was in school, they just let me on the floor and I got my first haircut ever. It was this old man in his 70s. I was so nervous.

I start to cut around his ear and my hands were shaking so bad I let go of his ear on accident and it flipped up into my shears blade. I cut the top part of his ear off. I mean not like a significant portion but I got it good.

Blood starts pouring and I freak. He says, “Hey whats wrong?” I say,”Uhhh sorry but I cut your ear really bad.” He says, “Oh… I didn’t feel it, don’t worry dude just finish the haircut, its looking good.”

I was traumatized. But its been seven years since that, I’m actually kinda successful now.

6. “Pretend like you meant to do it”

I am a hairstylist. Whenever I was in cosmetology school, my mom (who works from home, and doesn’t get out much) let me practice cutting her hair. Her hair was a little bit past her shoulders, and I was attempting to take about 3 inches off. As I am cutting, I completely messed up a guideline somewhere, and accidentally cut the front way shorter than the back. When I realized what was happening, I said “It’s looking kind of mullet-ish, Mom”

Her response….”NEVER say that to a paying client, just figure out how to make it work and pretend like you meant to do it”. Needless to say, my mom had a sweet mullet for a little while.

7. Precious tail

I was working at a children’s salon for about a year during my cosmetology career. Most of the experiences were miserable due to unrealistic expectations of parents combined with children who were afraid of the clippers or shears. I’ll always remember when I accidentally cut off a little boys 4″ rat tail. The mother scooped him out of the chair right after, with only maybe 1/3 of his head shaved, and stormed out.

8. Expensive lie

I had a client who had “natural” black hair… She wanted to lighten it a few levels. So, of course, I mix my lightener and apply it. During the consultation I specifically asked if there was any previous colour that I should know about… due to the fact it would be harder to lighten if there were.

Anyways we get the foils all in and a few minutes later we see SMOKE coming from her “natural” hair. I open the foils to see smurf blue hair! She thought that by telling me it was “natural” she could get around me figuring out that there was colour… Don’t lie to your stylist. It never works. She ended up putting a lot more time and money into fixing that mess than if she had just told me the truth.