15 Tweets That Sum Up The Misery That Is Working Life

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Everyone hates work. Also, the sky is blue. Those are just facts. But while you can’t do anything about the color of the sky, there are plenty of ways to make work a little less miserable!

You can drink at work. You can swear loudly at your boss and coworkers. Or, if you don’t want to risk getting fired, you can waste time reading Internet articles like this one. Here, we’ve got 15 tweets about workaday drudgery that will definitely make you feel less alone.

So scroll down, and stick it to The Man.

1. The only way to survive.

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2. Keep your eye on what’s important.

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3. We all need a hero. I’ve found mine.

Photo Credit: @gaynorlsimpson

4. R.I.P.

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5. Playing the long game.

Photo Credit: @SardonicTart

6. The Sister, Sister technique.

Photo Credit: @Ndeshi_M

7. Consistency is key.

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8. Special projects can be invigorating.

Photo Credit: @RuinMyWeek

9. Just one more thing…

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10. You can think it, but don’t say it. (Too loudly.)

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