15 Tweets About The Struggles Of Adulthood

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Growing up, adults were always telling me that I needed to buckle down and get serious about my life, because adulthood is so much more difficult than childhood. And…it turns out they were completely right.

If you’re like me, adulthood is an unending series of days where you feel like a failure, punctuated only by rare moments when you feel like a disaster. Adulthood ain’t easy–and unlike other skills, it only seems to get more difficult the more you practice.

But if there’s one consolation, it’s that we aren’t alone. Pretty much every adult feels this way! Here are 15 tweets that won’t make you a more responsible adult, but will definitely make you feel less alone.


1. Welcome to the never ending cycle.

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2. Something ALWAYS hurts.

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3. Seriously. Always.

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4. I have this conversation at least twice a day.

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5. This is our version of a stimulating conversation.

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6. Remember when school and homework seemed like too much?

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7. Your friendships will change.

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8. And by “change” I mean “disappear.”

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9. Happiness is a lot harder to find.

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10. You need strong bedroom game. (No, not that kind.)

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11. Worst enemy at 25: hangovers. Worst enemy at 35: telemarketers.

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12. You will learn the true value of a dollar.

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13. Your definition of “a good time” will change.

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14. Your parents are much wiser than you remember.

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15. The more you know…the less you know.

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h/t: Buzzfeed