15 Products To Help You Poop


11. Knight toilet paper holder

Photo Credit: Amazon

Every throne needs a king or queen, and every monarch needs a loyal subject. Sir Lancelot will keep all your bathroom secrets.

12. Cactus toilet paper

Photo Credit: Smosh

Being a funny person is nice, but it definitely takes effort. Instead, just hang cactus toilet paper in your bathroom, sit back, and wait for the guffaws. Your guests will know you never let a “Crazy Shirt Day” at work go to waste.

13. A tissue holder shaped like a dog’s butt

Photo Credit: Homedit

You basically have two choices here. Buy this tissue holder, or waste time and money trying to train a real dog to do this. It’s up to you.

14. Toilet paper beer-n-wine cupholder

Photo Credit: Amazon

We’ve had a lot of jokes so far, but I just worry this product glamorizes underage toilet drinking.

15. The TwoDaLoo two-person toilet

Photo Credit: This Old House

HUSBAND: Honey, this paella we made is delicious! I’m so glad we’re doing more activities as a couple.

WIFE: Oh, the evening’s not over yet. [opens bathroom door]

HUSBAND: Can I marry you again?


h/t: Someecards