15 Bizarre Nail Styles You Won’t Want To Try

Photo Credit: wit_myt/Nail Sunny


Lots of people paint their nails. And lots of people are content to paint their nails with a bottle of tried-and-tried Revlon. If you’re one of those people, you should know that there’s so much more out there than a coat of red or pale pink.

Across social media, amateur and professional nail artists alike have been coming up with more and more inventive styles of nail art. Some of these new designs are so elaborate they wouldn’t look out of place in a museum, like these purple acrylic beauties:

Photo Credit: Pinterest

But other times the drive to be unique leads nail artists to create some pretty weird stuff. Like these selfie nails with actual hair:

Photo Credit: Dain Yoon

Today, we’ll be looking at the latter category. No, these nail designs aren’t very practical–if you thought making a sandwich with wet nail polish on your hands was difficult, try making one with “Teeth Nails.” But what they lack in practicality they more than make up for with creativity.

Check out 15 nail styles that aren’t about to become a trend, but definitely stand out.


1. Dead bug nails

Photo Credit: Deadly Nails

Guaranteed to piss off PETA and whoever you give a backrub to.

2. Sonogram nails

Photo Credit: Sarah Clarke

Hey, at least it’s not a sonogram iPhone case.

3. Pimple nails (yes, they’re poppable)

Photo Credit: Natasha Lee

Nobody will want to shake hands with you again!

4. Pierced nails

Photo Credit: Nails By Katie C

Every other part of the body can already be pierced, so why not nails?

5. Corkscrew nails

Photo Credit: Cafe Mom

You’ll always get invited to wine night.

6. Comb nails

Photo Credit: Nail Sunny

Always losing your combs? Now you’ve got five of them.

7. Braces nails

Photo Credit: Nail Sunny

Relive the worst part of your childhood!

8. Toothbrush nails

Photo Credit: Nail Sunny

Next time a friend has a piece of food stuck in their teeth, they can just grab your index finger and take care of it!

9. Birthday candle nails

Photo Credit: Nail Sunny

The safest way to set yourself on fire that I know of.

10. Period nails

Photo Credit: Annelies Hofmeyr

As creator Annelies Hofmeyr put it on Instagram, “I don’t know why these never became a trend.”

11. Reptile nails

Photo Credit: Nail Sunny

Guaranteed to ruin any high five.

12. Colored pencil nails

Photo Credit: Nail Sunny

Yes, they actually work! And yes, now we know what Freddy Krueger would have looked like if he were an art teacher instead of a groundskeeper.

13. Snow globe nails

Photo Credit: Nail Sunny

Any Citizen Kane fans out there?

14. Cork board nails

Photo Credit: Piggie Love

Everyone say, “Is that a fungal infection? No? Oh.”

15. Vagina nails

Photo Credit: Project Object

Smash the patriarchy.



h/t: Cafe Mom