14 Regular People Now Living as Internet Memes


#4. Angry Hipster Girl

Photo Credit: Mental Floss

As do so many good stories, Kate Killet‘s story begins with a particularly impressive Halloween costume: “Birkenstocks with wool socks, jean shorts, tie-dye crop top, braided band in my hair and a prescription pair of glasses… It seemed only appropriate to grab a quick and silly shot of my costume before going out to party. The next day I posted it on Facebook and Flickr, and then forgot about it.”

And Angry Hipster Girl was born. Kate says “lots of friends of friends and randoms I haven’t talked to in years,” have recognized her, but, as far as strangers go, no one has had the guts just yet. Her take on the whole thing is that, should you find yourself memed, just “enjoy your Internet 5 minutes. Don’t get mad or offended, the Internet loves you. And turn off your Twitter and Facebook notifications, cus you’ll get roughly a million.”

(Kate’s official Internet reveal is thanks to mental_floss reader Jenny Serwylo, who outed her friend in the comments of a Mental Floss post.)

#3. Baby Godfather

Photo Credit: Mental Floss

In 2010, Redditor timekeepsgoing posted this picture of his son with a request to Photoshop the well-dressed kiddo into scenes from The Godfather. The image was taken at a wedding, and has evolved into the Baby Godfather meme.

#2. Friendzone Johnny

Photo Credit: Mental Floss

This poor guy’s relegation to the friendzone is, sadly, something he’s never going to be able to forget. In 2012, his “friend” Lizz posted this picture after he showed up at midnight with flowers to wish her a happy birthday (yeah, I totes do that for my friends…not) with the caption “I am so blessed to have such great friends. Thank you sososoo much Jonathon!”

A meme was born – the photo was shared on Reddit and Quickmeme within hours. Though Johnny and Lizz apparently never got together, he seems to be getting something out of this whole thing. He claims the attention makes him happy because “I became famous and more girls are talking to me.” Way to go, Johnny.

#1. Vancouver Riot Kiss

After the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup in 2011, our well-mannered neighbors to the north had a momentary break with sanity when they took to the street with riots. During the ensuing madness, Alexandra Thomas was knocked to the ground by shield-wielding riot police. When her boyfriend, Scott Jones, went to comfort her, the kiss was caught by a photographer and on video from several angles…with fire and riot police in the frame.

The kissing kids now find themselves Photoshopped into other dangerous scenes where making out would be ill-advised, or even in the background of other famous kissing scenes.

No information is currently available on whether the couple still kisses in any scenario, public or private, today – but we do know that they were still together as of June 2015.

h/t: Mental Floss

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