14 People Share the Most Unbelievable Lie They Ever Got Away With


The more you lie, the harder it is to keep things straight. A lot of people have learn that lesson the hard way – and they suffer the consequences.

These 14 folks from AskReddit, however, brilliantly pulled off great lies with no repercussions! Great work, guys!

1. I speak Canadian

A college girl from Oregon once asked me what language they spoke in Canada, and I replied “Canadian.” I told her I spoke “Canadian,” she believed me and asked me to speak it, so I started speaking an unintelligible “language” and she was amazed. I wonder if she ever found out the truth.

2. Mythical Beasts

I convinced a highly qualified 22 year old colleague that vultures are mythical beasts invented by Walt Disney for the Jungle Book.

3. Ha!

Told a guy in secondary school that I was colour-deaf. He would randomly shout colours at me for about 2 years and I would pretend to be oblivious.

Fun times.

4. Phone Problems

I got the original iPhone for my birthday years back. I dropped it and shattered the screen two days later. I felt horrible, so I won’t home and connected it to the charger and 15 minutes later proclaimed that the charger had somehow shattered my screen while I was away. I called AppleCare and they said they had been having reports of this happening. My jaw almost hit the floor.

5. Woodland Fireworks

I told my elementary school principal that I had firecrackers in my pockets because my grandfather had instructed me to use them to scare off any woodland creatures that might attack me on my way to school. The principal, wanting to expose me as the liar I was, dialed my grand-dad and asked if this was true.

Grand-dad backed me up & chewed out the principal for challenging his parenting methods.

6. Poor Dad

I farted in the line at the Hollywood Video, when I was younger, and blamed it on my dad.

I shouted “Ew! Gross Dad! That smells so nasty!”

Everyone believed he was the one that farted.

My father never said anything to me about it on the way home.

7. Illegal Cats

My brothers and I, in middle school, convinced a kid that cats were illegal now because of the high amount of allergic people, and he’d have to take his cat down to the police station to get it registered and deported.

8. Teach is on the ball!

Me: “Sorry i was late couldn’t catch the train”

Teacher: “It’s okay but hurry up now.”

We don’t even have a train station…