14 Hotel Nightmares Employees Encountered


8. Wut

Painted landscapes across three of the four walls. In shit. Surprisingly talented.

9. Unfortunately delicious

I worked front desk at a hotel and one guy brought in a mini-propane grill and started grilling chicken in his room.

We found out when the whole hall started to smell delicious. Unfortunately we had to make him stop.

10. Ceiling rat

In a hostel made up of mostly dorm rooms with those false ceiling tiles that can be lifted up we got complaints of noises in the roof throughout the day, each time I went to investigate there was nothing in the room and no noise while I was there. This happened several times until I went into one room and found a wonky ceiling tile. So I climbed onto a top bunk and lifted the tile up. Just inside I found an empty half of vodka. I looked around and about three feet away is a stinking drunk, stinking backpacker staring at me. He’d been scampering around in the roof like a giant rat for the whole day. I shouted at him to get down and ended up grabbing him by the ankle until he gave in and slithered down onto the bed.

11. Hallway pooper

Not a housekeeper, but a supervisor at a hotel. Two weeks ago I get a call in the middle of the night from one of the bellmen telling me he needs help. I throw on some clothes and run over (I live across the street) to find a drunk guy passed out in one of the lobby bathroom stalls amongst the single most foul odour I have ever smelled. Couldn’t remember his room or who he was with.. Turns out he had decided to take a shit in the hallway and then fell in it, smearing it all over himself and the floor. Ended with me having to call the police and him calling me mean. That was actually the second time a drunk guy pooped in our hallway.

12. As would anyone else

Nothing too outlandish, but when I was in high school I worked for a Super 8 in a small town in Wisconsin. People came from all over during hunting season and the S8 was pretty much the only place around. I entered a room and was assaulted by a terrible rooting meat smell. I checked all the trash, nothing. As I started taking down the bed, I made the mistake of flapping the knot of blankets and sheets to try to separate them. A turkey carcass flew up out of the mangled bedding and smashed into my face. As putrid, stinking, slimy, turkey juices dripped down my face I threw up all over the bed and ran into the shower and turned it on to rinse.

I quit that day.

13. Tradition

The housekeeping staff at the hotel I used to work at would put all the dildos they found in a box. It was a tradition to wrap the box and give it to the boss (female) at the Christmas party.

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