14 People Recall Horrible Mistakes They Made…and Then Made Again

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Everybody makes mistakes. And everybody has that one mistake that will live with them forever.

But what if you made that same mistake–your worst mistake–twice?

That’s what AskReddit this list is all about:

1. Strong Socks

I broke my toe when I was standing and putting on socks. I guess I was using a ton of force cause I missed the sock and kicked the floor. After my toe healed, the same day i took off the foot cast thingy they gave me, I broke my big toe again, same one.

I put on socks sitting down now.

2. Grabby

Reaching for a friend’s shoulder, she happened to twist at the same time and I got a handful of boob. Shocked, I reached with the other hand to apologize, and reacting to the boob grab, she twisted again. I got another handful of boob!

3. Making it Rain in Waterworld

I paid for Waterworld on demand then got drunk and bought it again on itunes.

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4. Tap, Tap, Tappy

So I was asked by a family that lived down the road to look after their assorted chickens/ ducks while they were away for a few days. All I had to do was feed the chickens, change their water and turn a tap on for a few minutes to top up the tiny duck pool. Fine, no probs, easy – except I didn’t turn the tap off. I realized about 6 hrs later, got over there as quickly as I could and was witness to a scene of complete chaos. the garden was totally flooded, which the ducks were loving! the chickens were gathered on a tiny slowly shrinking island and everything was generally in a right state. Mercifully the water drained over the next few days and I managed to tidy up enough to completely get away with it. The family was so pleased in fact that they asked me to look after their birds again about 6 months later. And yes, the next time I left the tap on and did exactly the same thing again.

5. Screen/Glass

In ’97, first time in the states, I was at a party. I was inside, someone outside called for me. We don’t have screen doors where I live, so I didn’t know to look out for it, and so walked directly into it and fell down to everyone’s amusement. Several hours later, an even drunker me decided to step outside again. This time I looked out for the screen door, only to walk into the now closed glass door.

6. What’s an Earwig?

I drank a glass of cider with a huge earwig in it. Didn’t notice until I’d drank half the glass. Freaked out, got another cup. Got pretty drunk, forgot about the earwig glass. Yeah, I drank from it again. The disgusting little thing tickled my lip. I feel unwell thinking about it.

This is an earwig:

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7. Cane Unable

I think I was 8 years old and attending this big halloween party in a small town. There must have been +50 people at the party from all ages. And what do kids at these kinds of parties do? Run around chasing each other and have fun. Doing kids stuff, you know. Well, I was having fun with my step-sister, running through the crowd of people when suddenly I fall down and hear someone behind me swear out loud. I had tripped on some old mans cane and he too had fallen down, hitting the ground shoulder first. I was mortified and started to cry from shame but the fall was soon forgotten and the night continued.

Two years pass. Same halloween party with same people attending. Same old man standing in the crowd with his cane.. and there I went again, tripping myself and he falling down shoulder first.

From that day I did my everything to avoid him at these parties.

8. Accidental Awesome

I accidentally gave a homeless drug addict (I realized this later) a $50 note instead of a 5$ and then did the same thing a month ago to the same guy.