13 Employees Share the Time a Horrible Customer Finally Made Them Snap


Ever just had one of those days?

These 13 people certainly have!

They shared on askreddit their stories of the horrible customers that made them lose it, and here they are, collected for your reading pleasure:

#1. I’m just gonna move on past your attitude and grab my board.

Own my own smartphone repair shop that opens at 10.

Was running late one morning, and some old dude was pacing at the door (probably 10:03), and he looks at me as I am sticking the key in the door and says something along the lines of, “well, it’s about time someone got here, glad you decided to show up!”

So before opening the door completely and letting him in, I locked it back and said, “actually I think I won’t come in today”.

And then I went surfing.

#2. “Well, why didn’t she stay home if she was sick?”

One of my coworkers was feeling under the weather about midway through her shift, so I was asked to move my till over to the register she was on so that she could go home. No biggie.

I grab my till, walk over, and quietly tell Coworker, “Hey, I’m here to relieve you so you can go home. Hope you feel better.”

She finishes up her transaction, pulls her till out, starts gathering her stuff up.

Next customer in line starts complaining about how long she’s going to have to wait.

I put my till into the register, (“It’ll just be a moment, ma’am”) sign on (“Just give me a minute and I’ll be with you”), and start scanning her stuff.

Customer complains about Coworker not ringing her up. “She should have rung me up! I’ve been waiting for ten minutes.” (A lie, since it had been slow, with multiple registers open, and coworker had taken maybe two minutes with her previous customer.)

(Still scanning) “I’m very sorry about that, ma’am. But Coworker was not feeling well, and I was asked to relieve her so she could go home.”

Customer was not satisfied. “Well, why didn’t she stay home, if she was sick?”

I don’t even look up at that point because I’m just seething. Still scanning her stuff, I respond, “Maybe she was feeling well at the start of her shift and only started feeling bad after she got here. Or maybe she tried to come in and work through feeling sick because maybe, just maybe, she relies on the money she makes here to have a roof over her head and food in her stomach and can’t afford to take a sick day.” (I finish ringing her up) “Your total is $XX.”

Not another word out of her. She grabbed her stuff and got out.

#3. For the love of chocolate…

I worked retail when I was in college.

A customer came to my till and one of the products he had was a large version of a chocolate bar. I scanned it and he started giving me shit because the price was wrong.
I knew the price wasn’t wrong because I enjoy this particular chocolate and bought it all the time.

He walked me down to the shelf where it was and pointed out the price tag. I told him that’s the wrong price tag (it was for regular size, not large)
He asked me “are you fucking blind?” I responded with “yes actually, I’m blind in one eye, but I can still see that this price tag is for a regular size bar, and not large. Look at the small letters under the price”

He immediately turned nice and bought me a chocolate bar.
But screw retail. Never doing that again.

#4. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure I get your complaint.

I used to be a shift supervisor at a pet store… I once had one of the girls come up to the front, crying… Immediately my big sister instincts kicked in and I ask her what’s wrong.

Turns out there is some jerk back in the dog food section that she was trying to help and he was a total ass to her, arguing with her about something that she was entirely correct about.

So I head back there. Dickhead is back there throwing around bags of dog food. So I ask if he needs help and he goes off on me about the girl that was just back there and how useless she was… So I listen to him rant and then correct him and tell him he was out of line. He gives me the favourite “Haven’t you heard the phrase the customer is always right?” line. So I give him a flat look and respond with “Yeah, and in this case he’s also a horse’s ass.”

He loses it and yells, saying he wants to speak to the manager. I give a shrug and say “I am the manager. If you want you can fill out a customer complaint card on your way out and I will make sure I get it. But you need to leave now.”

I have managed at so many different retail stores… I am not even fazed by people any more. I am so glad to be out of the industry.

#5. “Well, I’ll never order from you again!”

I work in sales/customer service over the phone and the following happens shockingly pretty often.

Customer will ring in too late to order something and the item’s sold out.

“Well I’ll just never order with you again!”

“Okay, I’ll just disable your account with us, it’ll just take me a moment.”

“No no, that’s okay!”

#6. …Why didn’t they just call the phone?

I worked at a Party City in Minnesota, there was one night where I was working the register. It was near the end of the night, tired, still had homework and was in a bad mood. However I was still polite and friendly.

This lady comes in, grabs a few items and comes to the register. She doesn’t say anything even when I try to make small talk, she seemed like a snooty woman. She just stared at her phone, pays and leaves.

A few minutes later she comes in looking for her phone, clearly frustrated and I tell her I hasn’t seen it and that I was sure she had walked out with it. She walks out and comes back and says she can’t find it.

She then proceeds to accuse me of stealing it. I had my phone in my pocket and I showed it to her, told her I had no need for her phone but I will check out for it. She demands i turn out my pockets and she wanted to check behind the register to make sure I hadn’t hidden it.

The night manager is there at this point and just tells me to do what she says. It gets to the point where they also go through my locker in the back of the store(mind you I only had a few minutes before she comes in accusing me) and then going through my car(how the hell did I manage than when I have to walk right next to her to get to it). After proving I isn’t have it he gets angrier and says I must have stolen it because in a pathetic loser working retail that can’t afford a real phone.

Normally I’m a shy, introverted guy that doesn’t say much and is polite. But I just tilted into oblivion.

Told her she was a stuck up, entitled cunt that needed a fucking attitude adjustment. That I had no need for a phone that was better because mine works just fine. And that her phone wouldn’t be fit to wipe my ass with. Lame but I was so angry I couldn’t really think. I still had the job the next day

#7. “It’s literally water and a tea-bag.”

I used to work at a Starbucks in an area where NFL owners, professional athletes and the like lived. One of our regulars was some guy who had spent his life wallowing in orange spray tan, and had the whitest hair one could imagine.

Every day he would come in and order a green tea, literally a teabag with hot water. No matter what, there was always something wrong with it. Too hot, too cold, cup was weird, whatever.

Anyway, one day during my last two weeks this guy comes in when we’re being slammed. He orders and and I call out “Green tea latte for X.” Notice I did not say “green tea.”

He comes up and snaps “Excuse me, it was a green tea. It’s literally water, and a tea bag. How stupid can you be.”

I turn toward him, look him dead in the eye and loudly go “That’s not even your fucking order! Every time you come in here it’s something else, if we’re so stupid then go to another location.”

He stepped back and didn’t say anything after that.