12 People Share the Secrets They Won’t Share with Their SO

Man telling a secret to an astonished woman


I think we all have secrets we keep from people, but (hopefully) there aren’t too many secrets we keep from our significant others. Take a look at these secrets some AskReddit users have kept from theirs.

1. Fart = 7 year relationship

The first time my SO and I slept together I woke up during the night to use the bathroom.

I came back in the room and she farted one of the loudest farts I’ve ever heard. I started laughing like crazy and she almost woke up. Almost.

We’ve been together for seven years.

2. Caesar Salad

Her Caesar salad dressing.

It’s actually the best thing ever but even after two years she refuses to tell me what’s in it.

What she doesn’t know is that I have secretly been watching her make it over the past few months. I have finally pieced it together and now I have the power!!

Edit: Everyone wants the secret recipe. But she has reddit, and I prefer life.

3. Reflection

My ex, and the cheating.

She thinks I found out when I looked at her phone, but I knew about two months earlier when she sent me a pic of herself watching Netflix in bed.

I don’t think she realized that the dude’s face was 100% visible reflected in the laptop.

After that it was a matter of me being in denial and trying to fix things.

4. Steamer Pack

A girl I dated a few years back had just graduated with her bachelors so I took her out for a night on the town.

Her and our friends got absolutely demolished and since this was before Uber, I volunteered to be DD.

So around 2am she’s tanked, we head out and she wants Krystal burgers. Very adamant about that, so I stop by Krystals and order a steamer pack so I can have some too and then have leftovers. She eats somewhere around 8, I get her home, get her into her bed and she immediately passes out.

I am sitting next to her watching some TV when I smell something. I notice that she has just shit herself. She is one of those people who would be so ashamed of herself if anyone found out so I just… left.

I called her the next day and told her I dropped her off, got her some water and headed home. Never mentioned her shitting herself or anything so to this day she thinks she did it in her sleep after I left.

I could have stayed and helped her clean it up and I probably should have, but she would have cried over that and avoided me sporadically for weeks.