14 Times People Had Incredibly Awkward Moments With Complete Strangers

Our parents always told us to not talk to strangers. Well, unless they had money or candy. Then it was clearly okay. You have no idea how much money and candy I racked up. Chocolate chocolate kisses ya’ll! As adults, we can make our own choices (SEE MOM!) even if there’s no money or candy […]

14 People Share Their Most Awkward Attempts At Flirting

I don’t flirt because I suck at it. You’re about to meet 14 people who flirted and failed miserably. After reading many of these, I feel very good about my decision to not flirt. 14. SQUIRT!!! I went to Israel on birthright. towards the beginning of the trip, we had a 5 hour bus ride […]

11 People Share How Weird It Is When An Ex Marries A Family Member

Love is strange. And sometimes love gets kicked out the front door, sneaks in the back door and starts living in the room next to you. Go grab a drink, kick back and marvel at these 11 wonderfully weird tales of all those exes just wouldn’t go away. In fact, they stayed for good. 11. […]

Jimmy Fallon Wants to Know: What’s the Most Awkward Breakup You’ve Ever Had

I mean, this one is kind of a no-brainer – after all, what breakup isn’t at least a little bit awkward (unless you’re Jerry Seinfeld, of course)? That said, these 15 people who replied to Jimmy Fallon’s hashtag game really took breaking up and awkwardness to a whole new level. Do not, under any circumstances, […]

16 Insane Reasons Why Employees Called in to Work

You’ve done it, I’ve done it… we’ve all done it: called in to work because we just couldn’t deal with today. Because today sometimes sucks. A lot. When this inevitably happens, we politely lie to our employers about feeling ill, having a family emergency or any number of completely reasonable, rational excuses that don’t upend […]



These Five Dogs Are the Most Normal Part of These Photos

Dogs can really throw a bone into the works when you’re trying to take a photo. But, it’s not always their fault. In fact, when it comes to being awkward, humans have it on lock. And, the dogs might be the only normal part of these 5 photos: #5. “When I do it, it’s cute. When […]

5 Times Dogs Put The “Awkward” in Awkward Family Photos

Getting the family together for a photo is difficult enough. Especially when kids are involved. Add dogs into the mix, and things can get awkward: #5. You brought me to a meadow, and you want me to stay still?! “My sister and her fiance took their dog with them for engagement pictures.” #4. Anybody seen […]